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Manchester Based



iVAN : intelligent MAN and VAN - 07491763909


House Moves, Flat Moves, Student Moves and Office Moves


Removals Service

Manchester Based

Hire the Van and the Man

Furnutire Expert



Move Anyting (almost. I can not move a piano.)

Most Random Jobs are possible too such as dogs

I Enjoy carrying Big Heavy things up the Stairs

Criminal Background Checked Driver and Labourer

Clean Van - I don't take rubbish or go to the landfill

Excellent Value for Money because I try to be World's Fastest Loader

I work like China-Man, I do a great job for the best price.

 MEDIUM and FAT passingers are NOT allowed to sit in the FRONT of my van.

I am NOT Liable for your Damages or Injures. Hopefully this will never happen or I will give you a £20 discount from the final price for seroius damage.

I am not liable for breaking your old fragile furnitre, it will break anyway.




If you make a CLAIM, you get PAIN !!!









Inside Manchester


£40/Hour - House moves





Outside Manchester

£4.00/mile - Motrorways around the outside of Manchester

£3.00/mile - 30-50 mile trips

£2.00/mile - On 90-140 mile trips

£1.50/mile - On 200+ mile trips


E.g Manchester to London is: 220miles X £1.50/mile = £330

E.g. Manchester to Birmingham is: 84miles X £2/mile = £168

60miles X £2.50/mile = £150

E.g. Manchester to Liverpool: 34 miles X £3/mile = £102



Time spent on Loading and Unloading is Free for Long Distance Trips. I will climb up stairs if needed for free.

Return trip to Manchester is also free. I only charge for 1 direction of travell. Return trip is free.



Extra Pair of Hands with BIG Muscles

£20/Hour- The Man works like a Machine.

I don't take a cut out of his money.


Removals Service

I do NOT remove rubish. My van is always clean.




Dimension of my loading bay:
4.3M  Long 14ft
1.8M Wide 5.9ft
1.9M High 6.2ft

Long Wheel Base Benz Sprinter is the BEST and among the BIGGEST VANs on the road.



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