1st: Download TOR Browser.

If you don't dowload TOR, you will not be able to access the dark web.



2nd: Use TOR browser to open the MEDICINE MAN UK Link
 You can copy the link and paste it in TOR browser.



3rd: Fill up your shopping cart with WEED and then Buy Bitcoin



4th: Move your Bitcoin to your local computer with ELECTRUM WALLET https://electrum.org/



5th: Pay for your medicine by sending bitcoin directley from your computer with the "Highest Fee" option so the transaction gets proccessed fast within the time limit.


Vaporizing Weed Medication will Clean the Lungs and Heal Every Nation

We need Cannabis and Dry Herb Vaporizers, Not Ventalors


 #LegalizeDrugs #LegalizeCannabis #Medicate #FreeRoss #FuckBoris

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